Vision: To reduce the snakebite deaths in India to such an extent that the vulnerable population is free from fear & impact of snakebite related events and improving the overall welfare of the affected communities.

Objective: To reduce the morbidity, mortality, and its associated complications in humans due to snakebite.

Key Strategies
  • Capacity building of health professionals for first aid, diagnosis, and management of snakebite cases.
  • Promote the accessibility of treatments
  • To strengthen the emergency care services at District Hospitals/CHCs including services for ambulance
  • Strengthening surveillance of Snakebite cases and deaths in Humans
  • Establishment and strengthening of Regional Venom Centers
  • Operational research on the Anti venoms and diagnostics
  • IEC, Intersectoral Coordination & Public-Private Partnership
  • Addressing the legislative issues of anti-snake venom collection
  • Digital Mapping and Monitoring of facilities with availability of anti-snake venom for ensuring prompt and effective management of snakebite cases.
  • Community outreach activities to spread awareness about snakebite prevention and management.
Snakebite cases 2022
Launch of National Action Plan for Prevention and control of Snakebite Envenoming in India (NAPSE) on 12 March 2024
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