Snow Tender for CAMC of Laboratory Equipment (765 KB)
Snow Tender for Condemnation of Machine and Equipment (896 KB)
Snow AUCTION NOTICE Disposal of Condemned Articles New (1538 KB)
Snow Tender for Supply of Hepatitis kits for Viral Hepatitis division (1306 KB)
Snow Disposal of the Condemned Articles (1443 KB)
Snow Tender enquiry document for purchase of Kits for Non-Communicable Diseases Division (518 KB)
Snow Tender for Name Plate and Stamps (692 KB)
Snow Tender for Medical Gases (723 KB)
Snow Quotation for Supply of Newspapers and Magazines for the year of 2020-21 (377 KB)
Snow Tender for Condemnation of Pre-Fabricated BSL3 Lab (736 KB)
Snow Tender for Purchasing Gel DOC System etc. (3254 KB)
Snow Tender Enquiry for Supply of Diagnostic Kits (1355 KB)
Snow Tender for providing 3 Security Guards at NCDC Kozhikode Branch (816 KB)
Snow Tender notice for Matrix Assisted Laser Description Ionization-Time Of Flight Mass Spectrometry (Maldi-Tof Ms) (1306 KB)
Snow Bid No.GEM/2023/B/3293120 : Regarding 15 Superscript Kits (PAC), Bid Start date: 24.03.2023 & Bid End Date: 13.04.2023 (75 KB)


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