CD Alert

An important tool for Rapid Dissemination of Information towards Control of Diseases.

CD Alert is a monthly newsletter of the National Centre for Diseases Control, Directorate General of Health Services, to disseminate information on various aspects of communicable diseases to medical fraternity and health administrators. It is widely circulated to different parts of the country including Directorates of Health Services of different States, Districts, Primary health Centres, Medical Colleges and individuals.

Many a times, the important topics covered in CD Alert have been reproduced, in part or whole, by Indian Medical Association for dissemination of knowledge.

The first issue was published in August 1997 on emerging and reemerging diseases and a total of seventy five issues have been published so far. Issues have been published on commonly known topics which have also been updated from time to time.

The CD Alerts give an inside view of the disease including the global scenario, Indian scenario and also the diagnostic facilities of the particular disease within our country. The CD Alert becomes a handy tool for the Rapid response Teams for management and containment operations in outbreak/ epidemic situations. These issues have been handy in disease outbreaks like meningococcal meningitis and also have been useful in disasters like Tsunami, floods in Bihar, Cyclone (Aila) in West Bengal, etc.

Chief Editor

Prof. (Dr.) Atul Goel, Director General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India.

Editorial Board:
Sr No.MembersDesignation
01.Dr Sunil GuptaAdditional DGHS
02.Dr S. K SinghAdvisor (PH), NCDC
03.Dr S. K SinghAdvisor (PH), NCDC
04.Dr S. K SinghAdditional Director and HOD, Microbiology
05.Dr S. K JainAdditional Director & HOD, Biotechnology and Viral Hepatitis
06.Dr A ShrivastavaAdditional Director and HOD, Microbiology

The Editorial Board consists of Eminent Medical Professionals.

The CD Alerts are also available on the NCDC Website. A list of the CD Alerts published from 2008 onwards is given below.

CD Alert – Ebola Virus Disease
CD Alert on MonkeyPox
CD Alert on Fluorosis
CD Alert – Covid – 19 Associated Mucormycosis July 2021
Meliodosis-CD_Alert – duly launched by Hon’ble HFM on Annual day on 30th July 2019
Diptheria: A Re-Emerging threat


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