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Viral Hepatitis & Biotechnology Division


Full Mailing Address:

Viral Hepatitis & Biotechnology Division,
National Centre for Disease Control,
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Telephone Number: 011-23970593


Head of the Division


Dr. Sandhya Kabra
Additional Director, NCDC
Email ID-,



*Other Officers in the Division


Dr. Partha Rakshit
Joint Director
Email ID-,



Dr. Preeti Madan
Joint Director
Email ID-,



Dr. Hemlata Lall
Deputy Director
Email ID-,



Dr. Hema Gogia
Assistant Director
Email ID-,



*Other Staff in the Division


Mrs. Priyanka Singh
RA, Biotechnology Division
Email ID-



Mrs. Uma Sharma
Technician Biotechnology  Division
Email ID-



Mr. Ramesh Sharma
Graduate (B.Sc.) 
RA, Viral Hepatitis
Email ID-



Mr. Sattender Kumar
Post Graduate (M.Sc.) 
Lab Technician, Viral Hepatitis
Email ID-



Mr. Kaptan
IC, Biotechnology Division
Email ID-



Mr. Namo Narayan Meena
IC, Biotechnology Division
Email ID-



Mr. Rajeev Kumar Sharma
Laboratory Assistant, Viral Hepatitis



Mrs. Swati Kumari
M.Sc Biotechnology
Lab. Assistant, Biotechnology Division
Email ID-



Mr. Yogesh Kumar
Lab Attendant Viral Hepatitis
Email ID-



Mr. Joginder Singh
Lab. Assistant, Viral Hepatitis
Email ID-



Details of National Programmes

1. National Programmes implemented through division are as under

 National Programme Name:-    National Program for surveillance of Viral Hepatitis (NPSVH)

 Email ID of Programme:-

 Officer In Charge:  Dr. Sandhya Kabra


2. Programme details:



Details of Laboratories/Units: Hepatitis Lab/Division- 1 Research Assistant, 1 Lab Technology, 2 Lab. Assistant, 1 Lab.Attendent

Details of Biotechnology Lab/Division-  1 Research Assistant, 1 Lab Technology, 1 Lab. Assistant, 2 Insect Collector

 3. Laboratories/ units under the Division: - Viral Hepatitis Lab and Biotech Lab

  Lab/Unit name: Viral Hepatitis Laboratory

  Lab/Unit name: Biotechnology Laboratory

  Officer in Charge of Lab/Unit:- Dr. Sandhya Kabra and Dr. Partha Rakshit

  Lab/Unit details: Details attached with S. No.10


4. Mandate of the Division:  Viral Hepatitis Division:- Viral Hepatitis Laboratory at NCDC as a centre of excellence  is a NABL accredited laboratory for testing of viral markers and was upgraded as a division in 2018 when the National Viral Hepatitis Control Program was launched. Laboratory is also coordinating with the National Program for Surveillance of Viral Hepatitis to estimate burden of viral hepatitis in India and contribute in policy making for prevention strategies. The objective of the laboratory are detection and investigation outbreaks, screening of surveillance sample received from various states.


Mandate of the Division Biotechnology Division- The division provides molecular diagnostic services, molecular epidemiology, specialized training and applied research on various important epidemic-prone diseases of public health importance to achieve the following important objectives:- 

  • Molecular Diagnostic support for confirmation of microbial pathogen.
  • Identifying new, emerging and re-emerging pathogens.
  • Genotyping and Sub-typing of strains.
  • Whole Genome Sequencing using NGS platform.


5. Research projects and Publication (With website link) Viral Hepatitis Division:-

Research Projects

India Epidemic Intelligence Services (EIS) "Study on seroconversion of hepatitis C and its risk factors in chronic kidney disease patients undergoing maintenance hemodialysis in tertiary care hospitals of Delhi, 2023" under the supervision of Dr Sandhya Kabra, Deputy Commissioner National Viral Hepatitis Control Program & Addl. Director, National Centre Disease Control, New Delhi.


Research projects and Publication (With website link) Biotech Division:- Publications

  • Pathak AK, Mishra GP, Uppili B, Walia S, Fatihi S, Abbas T, Banu S, Ghosh A, Kanampalliwar A, Jha A, Fatma S. Spatio-temporal dynamics of intra-host variability in SARS-CoV-2 genomes. Nucleic acids research. 2022 Feb 22;50(3):1551-61.
  • Dhar MS, Marwal R, Vs R, Ponnusamy K, Jolly B, Bhoyar RC, Sardana V, Naushin S, Rophina M, Mellan TA, Mishra S. Genomic characterization and epidemiology of an emerging SARS-CoV-2 variant in Delhi, India. Science. 2021 Nov 19;374(6570):995-9.
  • Mlcochova P, Kemp SA, Dhar MS, Papa G, Meng B, Ferreira IA, Datir R, Collier DA, Albecka A, Singh S, Pandey R. SARS-CoV-2 B. 1.617. 2 Delta variant replication and immune evasion. Nature. 2021 Nov;599(7883):114-9.
  • Dhar MS, Asokachandran V, Uppili B, Tyagi N, Sharma P, Tiwari S, Srinivasan RV, Marwal R, Kanakan A, Khan AM, Pandey R. Reinfection or reactivation: Genome‐based two distinct SNP profile of SARS‐CoV2 repositivity in an Indian case. Journal of Medical Virology. 2021 Jul;93(7):4152.

 6. Branches Under Division: